T Grey XXL Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

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I've grown out of my jacket, bought last season. I lost 75 lbs and it has stayed off! :) So this jacket is too large for me, I really want something a bit more fitting so I thought maybe someone else gained some weight and wanted a large, or maybe you just like to layer like a freak and need a XXL. ;) So I thought we could trade straight across.

If you have an XL (I don't care what color really) I'll trade ya. Needs to be in decent shape though. Or if you have some other jacket style clothing like a Simms Hoody in good shape that will work as well.

Anyhow, I like this Nano Puff it's the best, but I need it to fit better and don't have the flow to just shell out for a brand new one. (Would be nice if I could send it in to Patagonia for a size change! :D) Hit me up if you are interested.


Congrats! I lost 50lbs doing the same thing. I've started gaining it back via lean muscle over the past year. I'm in better shape now than I was at 20.

As for the jacket, my buddy who inherited your old waders may be interested if you end up selling it. He's on the hunt for winter gear.
Thanks, Uh book? Reference? on the weight loss or on the jacket?

Ok, real quick...losing weight gets expensive if you don't budget! :D. My old clothes no longer serve me and I need to buy all these new clothes, money I don't have!!!! Haha!

Now, the reason I like Paleo is because you can "do" Paleo and not have to pay people or buy weight loss products or buy into eating pills etc. this is not a quick thing this is a complete change of life style and it's not easy but if you keep at it even if you mess up here and there the results will be staggering - really!!!

You will feel frigging awesome and you will tone up without even working out....no lie!

This website has helped me tremendously, Google Mark's Daily Apple and read and read and read and dig and read some more. Try not to get too obsessed and can and may happen, but it will taper off. ;). You don't have to buy the stuff he sells, I have not as it's too spends and it's just supplements. If you eat well you won't need all that. His website has tons of info to get you going and keep you going. One more thing, look into MCT oil and coconut oil read up on it. There, if you're resourceful I believe I gave you all the starting info to put you on the right trail, the rest is up to you.
Great job on the weight loss, Alexander! I've gone up and down most of my life. I've been holding steady at my current weight for a couple years, and while I have plenty I could still lose, I'm happy enough for the time being.

That Nano would be a sweet twin to the XXL grey one I am currently wearing, but I can't find anything to trade. lol
Hah, yeah I need to stay warm this winter so maybe I'll just keep it since I can't find another similar piece in my size. Was in the fly shop today and caved in and got the linkurv stripping basket, got tired of my line dragging on the water and hindering my casting distance. Told Bill we may hit the beach for Steel this winter but that the heaviest rod I have is a 6wt and he said it could do the job...so I'm getting psyched :D
I do (mostly) Paleo eating (I say mostly because I don't stick to anything 100%. Just kind of do my own thing and eat clean). I pair that with doing Crossfit three times a week and I feel just super.
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