Frameless Pin system - Pin & Clip?

I'm wondering with these frameless boats with pin style oars glued onto the boats with pads, why they don't offer a pin & clip style oar system like you'd find on whitewater raft systems? I've never used a framless boat so there's probably something I may be missing. I'm going to speculate that the "PIN" probably wouldn't be as solid to work off of on a pad versus a oar shaft on a frame (well obviously, but not solid enough is what I mean)? Is that why no one is using it?

For those of you not familiar with Pins & clips, it is one of 2 commonly used oar systems found on rafts and catarafts (framed craft) - here is a link to get an idea of what a pin & clip system is:


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Scott, I think you hit the nail on the head. I don't think this system would be as sturdy just mounted to the inflatable with clue and a rubber pad.
I tried this a couple of years back...I glued solid inserts inside of the PVC for the clips and then drilled them out to the diameter if the pins on my scadden boat. The clips pivoted on the PVC and the pins also pivoted on the boat. The dual pivoting made it very difficult to get any leverage on the oars when you really needed it. I tried using the oars clamped tight and loose to the clip so I could move my oars a little easier...neither way worked better than the other.

I ended up drilling my own holes is the sawyer STS oars for the pins. I don't like have the pinned oars but it's better than the redneck engineered attempt at using the pin and clips.