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I'm headed to Hawai'i for a week with my girlfriend at the end of December for a week and was just wondering if anyone on here had a vacation property that they weren't using during that time.
I'm finding it harder and harder to find a place that I can afford (we're in our 20's, single income) that doesn't sound sketchy.
I've found some places online that were affordable, but looked pretty sketch, and then the ones that have availability during that time are too pricey.

Anyways, if you happen to have one, or have a friend that does, let me know and maybe we can work something out.


Jeff Dodd

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My in-laws have a rental on Maui if that is of interest, send me a PM. It is on a beach and I have seen bonefish in these shallows. Might be full at that time though, it is prime season.

Thanks everyone for for your replies and PM's- I have since found a place!

As per VRBO, this is the listings site my family usually uses and we've had great success in the past, and my parents have actually kept in contact with their favourite listers.
As for me, I was having problems with availability listed as per actual availability. Lots of the places I inquired about that showed openings were in fact already booked and the lister had not updated (very frustrating).

But alas- I have found a place!



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I'll second Freestone's recommendation of VRBO. The wife and I have used that site several times and have had very good luck with accommodations.

In early September we were there for our 2nd anniversary. Stayed in Kailua at The Beachside Studios, the Monet unit, for $150 a night and really enjoyed it. It's a one minute walk to the beach and a very quiet place although I'll admit there was no one else in the other couple units.

If you can't find something through Jeff's in-laws, check out VRBO!

Jeff Dodd

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If you can't find something through Jeff's in-laws, check out VRBO!
Yea, my wife started listing the condo through VRBO and the response is amazing. The place is now regularly booked. We had to set our own reservations for spring break before it filled.

The VRBO I.D. # is 476561, but I see it is filled until we return April 11th.


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
Well Jordan, it seemed like we were posting nearly at the same time!

I'm glad you've found a place! :)

So what part of the island are you staying and are you taking the bug-stick?
Yeah, my Hawai'i rods usually include a 5wt (for barracuda and peacocks), an 8wt, and a 10wt- though I might bring the spey and practice casting out at Kawaikui Beach Park like some of the NWFF guys do.


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
I was a neophyte tropical saltwater fisher and, though I had fun, I hope you can get more hookups than I did.

Copy/paste from an earlier Hawaiian thread:

"I got back from both Oahu and Kauai a couple of weeks ago and although I didn't get in as much fishing as I'd hoped, I had a blast!

I was only able to spend one afternoon fishing on Oahu (Maunalua Bay) and one on Kauai (on the south shore due to strong winds where we were staying in Kapaa).

No evidence of any fish while fishing Oahu but I did have a few followers (but no takers) on Kauai.

It was my first experience fishing tropical waters and even though I was skunked, what a great place in which to be skunked!!!

Mingo, along with several other WFFers, was gracious enough to share his knowledge of island fishing with me. He's got most of the islands pretty dialed in! My thanks go out to all the great forum members who helped me!

BTW, check out the website of Nervous Water fly shop in Honolulu. Good info about fishin' over there!"

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Oh man. Now I'm both excited about the idea of trying to get the wife on a trip like this and bummed that it looks like you've got to book forever in advance to find a nice little vacation rental.

Ah well, we probably weren't going to be going this winter anyway. Kids are still young enough that leaving them involves a lot of planning and scheduling and expensive childcare.


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The Mrs. pulled off a great trip to Kauai earlier this fall. Sweet vacation rental on N Shore. Great price and the place was very nice.

Fished the 7wt with a sink tip and was surprised at the stripping speed needed for hook-ups. Slow meant no, fast and it was game-ON. Amazing trip and planning next year happened on the flight home1
@Josh- you really don't need to book too far in advance, though that does help. It is partially due to my own fault of wanting to surprise her with this trip for New Years. The dates I'll be there is from just after Christmas and through the New Year, including New Year's eve. If you were to book for any time after or before those peak dates (Christmas and New Years), I'm sure you wouldn't have a problem. We usually go in February and have always been able to find a place.
And yes, if you think you're stripping too fast, strip even faster!
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