Pattern Bunch'a Randos and Some SFR Ties


Saved by the buoyancy of citrus
So I dunno if any of these are named, but I'm bored and my girlfriend got a new camera lens, so look at them. LOOK.

Orange thing:

Blue guy:

Bunny dude:

Hot-head guy:

And hold your tits, here are some squid jigs I tied up. I need a boat, but someday I'm gonna use these on the end of a sink-tip:
IMG_8968.JPG IMG_8969.JPG


Saved by the buoyancy of citrus
Bit of a necro-post, but thought I'd let you guys know that the squid jigs work. Didn't try them on a fly rod, just in line with a heavier, store-bought jig on my spinning rod, but the concept is valid. Seems the larger squid like the fuzzy jigs, smaller ones like the hard jigs.

Just need to get out in the kayak so I can cast. Have to be REAL careful not to hit yourself with one of these puppies though; those hooks are SHARP!

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