Ever fish Zonkers for SRC or other Puget Sound fish?

I don't hear much on people using Zonkers, always wondered why since they are such an effective river streamer pattern. Could it be because the Puget Sound game is mainly a "sparse" tied fly game? Zonkers certainly aren't sparse as the body is big and the rabbit strip isn't sparse. I'm going to have to get around to trying it sometime, I've caught some very selective big Trout in Cheeseman Canyon in CO, seems a SRC would kill it if properly presented and dressed.


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There are many rabbit strip, zonker-style flies used for salmon and sea-run cutthroat. I originally tied my Hubert Humpy for pinks in fresh water and found that it worked equally well for cutthroat in salt water as well as coho. The white version has proven to work well for bull trout during the winter.
Bully's love white. Wonder why? I've caught some nice bullies on the Hoh on big wiggly white Zonkers :D

I just love the action of the rabbit strip
The Fly Anglers Online website ( http://www.flyanglersonline.com/ ), lists a "Cutt-Bait" pattern in the "Fly of the Week" for January 3, 2000. This fly features a loose olive rabbit strip, though it isn't tied down like a "Zonker". I've had some success over the years with this fly, especially in the winter and spring.

I think zonkers would work great in the Sound. Tie up a bunch of them in different colors and sizes and then fish them hard. Sea-runs in the Sound aren't selective like fish in lakes and streams. Once you find them, fish with patterns you have confidence in. In your case, zonkers sound like a good choice.


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I have been using Zonkers here on sea-run Coastal Cutthroat trout for over 13 years. They work quite well. I have especially favored the white, off white to cream colored ones, that we can find available for freshwater trout fishing, up to size 6 and 8.

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