10/22 ?

Rick Todd

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I won a Remington 597 at a National Wild Turkey Federation banquet a couple years ago and after a lot of rounds through it with the grandkids, I took it apart, installed an after market hammer and extractor, and cleaned it up. Free floated the barrel and the thing is a tack driver! Fun to shoot at the range and who knows, I may hunt squirrels with it some day! BTW-was watching speed steel at Islanders range last Sunday and the .22 might be fun for that as well! Rick
I use my 10/22 for Speed Steel competition and the local Falling Plate match has a rim fire rifle category as well. Barrel is chopped and floated, assorted Volquartsen trigger parts and the stock is Hydro Printed in "Zombie Camo" pattern. To help with the length of pull I installed a 1" aftermarket butt pad.