Scadden fuzion dst


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Looks like a spinoff of the NRS GigBob. Interesting design though. The oars are basically under your knees which seems awkward to row... wonder how well a sup paddle would work.


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Looks like a spinoff of the NRS GigBob. Interesting design though. The oars are basically under your knees which seems awkward to row... wonder how well a sup paddle would work.

Not seeing the Gigbob relationship? Rows like any of the others. I wanted an SUP as well, but this is much more to my needs.
I think this craft should be aimed at lake anglers. If you had to make a critical manoeuver in a river I don't know if the oars would have enough jazz considering the way they are set up doesn't look like you can get much leverage to honk on them if ever needed, never mind the pin style oar locks which are handicap to begin with.


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Not seeing the Gigbob relationship? Rows like any of the others. I wanted an SUP as well, but this is much more to my needs.
The upper and lower parts of the GigBob can be separated. The upper part looks similar. Not saying this is an imitation or anything, but that's just what it reminded me of when I first saw it.


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Sorry, I do know what the Gigbob looks like, just me I guess, but I didn't see the similarity. No big deal.
I do fish Stillwater and I agree with the O.P. after watching the Video, the rowing does look a bit awkward. I thought that when I first saw it. BUT, never having USED one (yet) so I am only guessing.
I talked of buying an SUP because of the Carp fishing. I "fish" for them in 2' of water with a lot of weeds. I can get back there with my Assault or my X5, but I thought a SUP would be ultimate. Add the Bow shooting and it seemed the perfect answer. So, I see this filling all my fishing style from deep nymphing to Stripping streamers or fluffing dries, plus being able to motor out to my desired depth or spot.
We shall just have to wait and see if finances allow it.
So here is the description copied & pasted from the North Fork Outdoors website - I want you to note a few things. Apparently this boat is "fully rockered" (do you see any rocker?). The boat can carry motors but doesn't have a HP rating? Can I strap a 75 HP Yamaha to this thing? How fast do you think those bottom fins will get broken off while going down a river (and these fins help keep it tracking straight as an arrow - what happens when the fins are gone?)? The stability of the boat is "unmatched" - wow, what a claim - compared to what, and where (bodies of water) is it unmatched? Also, it's the ""highest performance pontoon boat on the market," apparently. OH, and of course it has the unconditional lifetime warranty. Who's lifetime? Dave's lifetime, or yours? And what does the warranty cover exactly? I've heard Oars are not covered, or is this boat different and they are covered? And you want me to fork over $1799 of my $$$ for a Christmas sale price without any listed specifications on the website about this boat? NO length, weight, width, materials, hp rating, material thicknesses or type, oar type, what's included, etc. ? And we are STILL waiting to hear what class of river rating this boat will get. I guess the rats haven't been bought yet to do the class rating - for those of you who don't know, apparently to give this boat a rating a cage with a family of rats is strapped to the boat. The boat is then floated, with family of rats, through a class 5 rapid. If the boat comes out of the rapid floating upright with the family of rats unscathed it gets the coveted class 5 rating. If the boat flips upside down but there cage and rats are still strapped to the boats, the boat is given a class 4 rating. If the boat comes out of the rapid and the cage with family of rats is missing, it only gets a class 3 rating.

Blue, YOU don't need to sound hesitant or "guess" about how poor the rowing will be on this thing if you are in a river. Most guys I know set up their oars so their thumbs are maybe a few inches apart to work with your arms natural range of motion to honk on the oars to maximum effect if ever needed. Try setting your oars up so your oars/thumbs are farther apart then this and you'll notice pretty quick how much less leverage you have to honk on it. It effectively goes almost out of your arms natural range of motion while pulling on the oars. I don't see how for one minute you could stand on your oars if ever needed with them spaced or set up like that on the thing.

: Fuzion DST
Dave's new Fuzion DST is the most anticipated pontoon boat of the decade. It is so futuristic and high performance in its design that it literally defies description. The new DST intregrates the fully rockered Unitrac hull design of Dave's legendary Outlaw series and the high tech multi laminate, low profile technology of his high performance Stand up Paddle boards. The Fusion of these two technologies has produced a boat that takes light weight , low profile, and versatility to the next level. The new Fuzion can be operated with fins, oars, stand up paddle or motor. Its exclusive integrated motor mount system is complimented by three detachable fins that keep it tracking straight as an arrow. With the use of Dave's compartmentalized cargo box system the motor can be operated from the rear pushing forward or you can sit in the reverse position with the tiller right in your lap pulling you forward like a front control motor on a Bass boat. Of course the stability of this boat is unmatched. You can stand and sight fish with confidence. Obviously the greatest trait of the new Fuzion is it's super low profile design. The wind does not affect this boat. Unlike conventional pontoon boats with large diameter pontoons the Fuzion has less than 6 " of exposure. If you want the highest performance pontoon boat on the market and "one up" your buddy at the same time the Fuzion is the boat for you. Unconditional lifetime warranty.


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The GigBob was the first drop-stitch construction pontoon boat so the technology in the Fuzion is nothing new. When I saw the Fuzion, the first thing I thought of was upper part of the GigBob, which can be detached and used similarly to the Fuzion, though at 6.5' may be smaller. The GigBob has raised oars on a solid plate which provide a more natural rowing position.
The only thing similar between the Fuzion and the GigBob is that they float on water. I know of one guy who bought the GigBob and after so many people laughed at him for buying the ugliest tube ever designed, he sold it. Sorry for all you happy owners, I was just relaying a story. I'm sure they are a comfortable and decent fishing platform. I just watched the Fuzion video and it looks pretty cool. I know I won't buy one, but I sure would like to play around with it for a weekend, Except my 75 HP Yamaha is in the shop for repairs. Hey Speyfiter, the only thing you are STILL waiting for is another reason to trash Scadden. So now that Dave has envisioned, designed and built an innovative craft, you have a new target.


Speyfitter, if it doesn't look like a boat that fits your need there is no need to consider it. I don't pay much attention to how someone else rates their boats. If you're worried about what's under warranty or any of that stuff, don't buy it. Pretty simple.

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