Lake Fishing book advice needed

The book many of us consider the "Bible of stillwaters" is Phil Rowley's "Fly Patterns for Stillwaters" Unless I missed mention of this book in previous posts, can't believe nobody mentioned this one. This is a must read (own) for any stillwater fly fisher! Check it out!

Lue Taylor

Lue Taylor/dbfly
If everything else fail just attach yourself to a guy like Steve K. apply all the info he may give you then your success rate goes up 100% there are many flyfisherman on this forum need to just hook up fish with them sometimes just offering to provide transportation, refreshment or a seat on boat just may get to fish someone secret spot, ( Please take note I will bring Crown & Beer for any secret spot that has fish you take me to);)
Rowley & Chan just released the first of 3 chironomid dvd's called Conquering Chironomids.The first one is all about indicator presentations.
I've seen it & highly recommend it if your trying to start out with chironomids.

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