Recommendations for outboard tech in Kitsap?

After a less than impressive and expensive service and repair last year, I'm hoping someone has a recommendation for a reliable outboard tech in the Bainbridge-Bremerton area - in this case for a 1990s Yamaha 2-stroke. Inquiries to outboard owners on BI usually results in a response (usually preceded by either laughter and/or tightening of facial muscles) alone the lines of "if you find one, let me know, because the last one I used was …….(fill in the blanks)".



Jeff Dodd

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Travis Lopeman now owns Port Townsend Honda Shop. He is a very good mechanic and works on my Yamaha.

An hour from Bainbridge wirh goid fishing along rhe way.

Travis and i know each other from childhood, so I am biased, but he is honest and really knows outboards. Nobody in Jefferson County has any money, so he knows old 2-strokes as well as anyone ha

Itchy Dog

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One side of the Sande family were neighbors of ours. Good folks. I know they ran a good shop back when they owned it.
Appreciate all the input. One kind soul PM'd me with a strong recommendation for someone on BI, who I've decided to go with after meeting with him. If anyone else is in the same position, PM me in a month or so and I'll let you know how it went.

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