Switch Line Advice

I recently purchased my first switch rod and I am new to the game. I am looking for a versatile line that I can swing flies and nymph with and I am wondering what lines people prefer. I have heard Wulff Ambush is a good all around line but I know there are many others as well.

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for close quarter nymphing the wulff will work but you might want something with a longer head for mending. It is nearly impossible to mend the wulff line when you have out more than 30 foot of line. it is essentially a skagit taper and you'd be better off with rio switch line or speydicator, or the airflow/any other brand equivalent


IMO, you won't find an "all around" line that does everything well. If you're predominantly going to be swinging with floating/sinking polyleaders or light tips, either the Airflo Rage or Wulff Ambush would be good lines. If you're going to nymph, get a dedicated (Speydicator or Rio Switch) line for that. T10-14 tips and big flies, go with a Airflo Skagit Switch.

Switch rods have lead to the development of specialty lines because they require task-specific lines to be effective. Use for comparison a 13' 7wt spey, for which you can buy a Airflo Delta that will cover everything from tips and big flies, nymphing, and summer fishing with floating tips and small flies. There is nothing comparable for a switch rod.
I'd just get two spools, one with an Ambush or a Skagit short or something similar and the other with something like the Rio Switch or Orvis Switch...lines designed more for nymphing.

perhaps the Speydicator or Rio Chucker might be your best bet if you're set on one line. I haven't played with either, so can't speak from personal experience on that one.

if you do much more of one than the other, then you can get away with one line, but no line does it all [well].

For the type of fishing I like to do, which is mostly nymphing with my SH glass, I have the Rio Pike/Musky (not sure they make it in a size that would work on a switch, but it might be worth it to check, the taper is such that it spey casts really well), but it nymphs VERY well and swings really well for what I do--mostly dry line work (I wouldn't want to throw any tip longer than say, an 8' chunk of T-11 on it though).
I use the Rio switch for nymphing and swinging, and like it. For overhand casting, add two line weights and get the resulting single handed line. For instance, I use a 10 wt Outbound on an 8wt switch for the salt.

An aggressive taper like the ambush or triangle would work well also.
I'm running the switch chucker on my 6wt. Since I'm new to this switch game I cant compare it to anything else. Having said that, the chucker throws indicators ok, swings pretty good. I wish it had a little longer head for mending indicators but it gets the job done.
Lengthen the Rio Switch Chucker by adding a MOW floating tip, it will put a loop to loop connection into the equation but also extend the mending distance.

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Thanks doc, I did put the light floating MOW tip on but it didn't want to turn over the indicator rig with that on. Probably had something to do with my in-experience... The rod casted a swing setup very good with the MOW on though.


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I think the Rio Switch line is probably the best for throwing indicators. It's absolutely horrible to swing with though.
Second to the guy above. The basic RIO Switch line is great for casting switch rods singled handed or fishing with indicators. I also use it on my 9 wt single handed chum rod and it's great.

But at least for me, it totally blows when you're trying to get a nice springy D loop going with a two-handed cast.