Sky Float Tomorrow


Special consideration to DanielOcean if he has the day off. Rivers low and cold but want to get out anyway. If someone wants a seat in the raft, let me know. I will more than likely huck some gear in a couple spots but primarily it'll be a cast and swing kinda day. Nymph between spots or fish my float and whatever below it. Or, strictly swing away. If no takers, I'll more than likely just go to work.


That is a very kind offer that I am sorry to say no too. Unfortunately I have to work and only have the weekends off. However, in the future if you ever want to hit the sky again please let me know. Worst case scenario please stop by for a beer. Thanks again.



The Whisky Guy
Floated it today. Ben Howard to Lewis Street Bridge. Brought a dinky wild steelhead to hand on a nymphed bead *gasp*, but that was it for action, despite fishing hard all day long.


I ended up working. Thanks for the PM's from a couple of you. I'd like to get out and will let you know next go around.
I am considering floating the Sky on Thursday with one other guy. I have never floated that river yet so if anyone has some experience on this river and would want to join us, that would be great!

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