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I have been digitizing some of my old slides. Came across these from a trip I took on the Noatak River north of Kotzebue, Alaska back in the 1980 or 90's (not sure of when, I am old after all!). Even though they are old, thought some might enjoy them. Most pics were taken on a tributary called Kelly Creek. This area has an interesting population of Dolly Varden that spend some time in the ocean and some in fresh water. One tagged fish even showed up in Kamchatka, Russia. These fish also go back and forth between a couple of different drainages in the far NW part of Alaska. Fishing in this part of the world is usually fantastic or nothing at all. I was there in early Sep and it was great. The largest DV was between 12-14 lbs. Most were between 4-6lbs. One pic is of a wandering Chinook salmon. At the time, it was a northern limit observation extension for this species.
98_1.jpg 99_1.jpg 101_1.jpg 103_1.jpg 104_1.jpg 105_1.jpg 7 - 64_1.jpg 7 - 69_1.jpg 8 - 109_1.jpg