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Just wanted to see if anyone had some suggestions or recommendations for a guided trip in the Paradise Valley/Yellowstone National Park in early August... A buddy and I will be there August 4-8 and are interested in spending one day doing a guided trip... we have considered a float on the Yellowstone, a horseback trip to the 3rd meadows of Slough Creek, and a day on one of the spring creeks in the area.. any experiences with these trips or thoughts anyone may have to help in our trip planning would be most appreciated... Thanks.


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We used George Anderson's many years ago and they were really good...they've been doing it for a long time. It's big water, so a good guide is a worth the money. Have fun.


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Parks Flyshop, in Gardiner is another one to consider. Richard Parks and Walter Wiese (head guide) run a good operation.

Thanks for the referral Scott.

I suggest a float or spring creek trip. We're shaping up to have a decent water year, so Slough shouldn't be too technical in your timeframe and anyway the 3rd Meadow isn't any improvement over the Second, which you can walk to if you're in halfway decent shape. Third Meadow gets most of the overnight and horseback pressure, and people from Silvertip Ranch walk down from outside the park as well. If it was 25 years ago the 3rd Meadow would be far and away less crowded, but that's no longer the case.

The spring creeks are always technical (and expensive), so they're worth a guide whenever you're here, and unless you have your own boat you can't float the Yellowstone solo. If the snowpack holds up I expect early August to be smack in the first rush of hopper fishing and at the tail end of the caddis/attractor dry fishing. Usually they really like hoppers when the first start seeing them and again much later; usually they get hoppered to death during the real heavy hopper time late in August and early in September and my clients get more fish on ants and weird stuff than the big hoppers most people get excited about fishing. If the snow stops falling or melts early, they could already prefer the ants and dinky weird hoppers to the bigger ones. As you might gather from the length of this paragraph I personally do about 80% floats from whenever the Yellowstone clears until late September. Most of my other trips in high season are hike-ins to places I won't divulge online (not Slough), though overall the shop's business is basically 50/50 float/walk. We don't do a lot on the spring creeks, though we now have a contact guide who specializes in them somewhat.

Lots of trip planning info (hatch charts, river guides, etc.) at Click the trip planning button at the bottom.

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