Whats next for echo TR 7130?

I'm happy to meet you at Nugent's Corner on the Nooksack and help get you started. I have demo 540g/570g Skagit Compact with appropriate tips, Ambush 10wt, 480g Scandi with polyleaders and NextCast 6/7 Fall Favorite/Winter Authority that all work well on the TR7. It's a favorite rod of mine.

The great thing about this rod is its ability to handle a variety of style lines. Awesome rod!
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Just got your message
Just got your message
Take Ed up on his offer. If you go at it on your own at this point, you could find yourself years behind on the learning curve if you line the rod wrong. How do I know? I bought rio midspey, for my 12'6'' rod, to learn on (I can cast the setup now, but it's not easy). I thought I had everything figured out, and went with it. I literally set my casting back years.

Talk to people, try some lines, get some pointers--you'll be fishing a lot sooner.

Plus, Ed rules, and you're missing out if you live in Bellingham and don't hang out with Ed.

Good Luck!

Jason Chadick

A Fish, A Fish, A Fishy, Oh...
Is it any different from the 550 Skagit Flight? I had one of those for my TR7 once and thought it was terrible...could not throw a tight loop, or any decent looking/feeling cast to save my life. However, RIO does claim that everything spey is "new and improved." I can't say I'm not curious.

Jason Chadick

A Fish, A Fish, A Fishy, Oh...
I wish it had the super duper fantabulous taper back when I first started trying to line that rod. I'm pretty set with the 540 Compact now...I'd still like to check it out.

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