Found Fly Box on the Methow

Back in October I found a fly box while floating the Methow. I know how much a box full of flies can run so I thought I'd give someone the opportunity to claim it. If you can describe it (color, brand, distinguishing marks), accurately, and when abouts you lost it we'll figure out a way to get it to you.

I caught my first two steelhead with a fly from the box (and may have lost 1 or 2 others) so it did its job for me. Pretty awesome. That being said I thought I'd pass on the good fish karma.
I fished out of it for two days. Two fruitful days, might I add. When I was cleaning and stowing my gear for the season I came across it.

And if your dog had a good nose and was well trained I would have given it a good home and plenty of time in the field ;)


Future WFF Mod
I lost a box full of flies 2 years ago, it's probably not my box but if it's gray and black Flambeau PM me.

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