Sage 7133-4 VXP review or opinion request

Tacoma Red

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A friend wants me to buy his lightly used 7133-4 VXP for a great price but I was in the middle of "saving up" for the Sage Method 7126-4 which is a big splurge for me but I was thinking what the heck. I've yet to cast the VXP and will do so soon but I'd like your opinion of it because if I buy it I'm likely not going to get the Method.

Thanks much,TR
If it is your friend that owns the rod, borrow it and test cast it before buying. What works for me, may not work for you.

That being said, I do own a Sage VXP 7133 and love it. A couple years ago at a local Spey clave I was trying out some new rods. I tried one of the sage one's and it was nice but it didn't click with me. I picked up the VXP and it instantly felt as if I had been casting it for years. The two lines I use on it are a Rio 525 skagit flight an Airflo 7/8 delta. My only complain is I wish the top cork was slightly longer or better yet had a down locking reel seat. It would help balance a bit better.

Dan Cuomo

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Got it. Love it. Really nice spey rod in my opinion. Good luck w/ yours if you do indeed buy one. I have a Loomis NRX single hander for my salt water fishing, and I LOVE it. Might want to check their spey rod. That's my next one.
I built one for a friend of mine last spring. He is a beginning spey caster and he does very well with it. I thought it cast very smoothly. I built the handle to sages size specks, and the fore grip does seem a tad bit short. It does not seem to effect the way it casts, just the balance in hand. Sage claims if you liked the old model xp of a few years back, you will love this rod. It throws an airflow 540 Skagit compact with ease. Very sweet rod.