Finally broke a rod!


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EDIT: Sorry for the Article prefix, I created using tapatalk and was unclear. Tried to delete the post and start over but seems I can't.

Pulled into the Ringer dog park to access the Yakima yesterday. It was windy! I assembled my L-tech and set it on the car bridging the trunk and my open drivers door (see where this is going?) :) I see the wind start to close my door and I think, this might be bad... sure enough...

Went into town and visited two shops, then down to Reds. Finally found one that felt good.

Man, that casts nice!

Meanwhile Cabelas has a brand new replacement set aside for me to run down to Lacey and exchange free of charge.

I love this sport!

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If I buy a $600 rod, basically it's a tool that I can use until the day I die. If I break it, even though my own stupidity, I can get it replaced for a very reasonable fee, maybe even free or just shipping and handling. Maybe even 20 years from now I can get a replacement - perhaps one even better. And I'm sure in a pinch my regular fly shop (or even my non-regular fly shop) would loan me a demo on the spot, also likely for free or some reasonable fee.

My wife buys an iPhone for not much less from the richest company the world has ever known. The thing is basically made of Teflon with a glass cover. As a matter of fact, you can't even walk out of the store without armoring it with accessories like a case and cover (not included) and not risk damage. She even needs to buy insurance on it. And it will be obsolete in 3-4 years. If it gets dropped, it's toast, and even with insurance it's a pain to fix, replace, or buy a new one if you are in a contract. And she gets the pleasure of the up-sell to the latest Teflon-coated device that is now even slightly easier to drop.

Despite the cost, I think rods with warranties are the best deal going these days.


Okay, I'm lost. First, breaking the rod is a good thing? (I agree with Jim on that one). Second, did you buy the Sage from Cabela's or from a fly shop... ? What does Cabela's have to do with all this???

When I broke my Sage I sent it directly to the factory and they gave me a raft of crap before replacing the section that broke.... plus they charged me 30 bucks for "shipping and handling".

So your story has me confused as hell as to what was going on with your rod???:confused:

True, I'm easily confused these days but still...


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Bought the Sage @ Red's. Cabelas will replace the broken L-tech free of charge - no balking at all.

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Raft of crap? I've never had that experience with Sage, or TFO, or anywhere. I'd consider $30 for shipping and handling an OK charge. I pay to insure and ship it there, they pay to insure and ship it back, and spend labor time dealing with my mistake. Their cost should not be zero for my problem, warranty or not.

Only advice I've heard is to be unspecific on the return paperwork. As in "rod broke" or something.

For what it's worth, Cabela's does have a rock-solid return policy.


Yes, I was indeed hassled by the Sage service department and will never buy one of their damned rods again and I own 5 of the suckers!

A rod broke the first time I strung it up and I told them as such when I sent it in. They claimed I must have broken it which is absolute BS.

I know, I know, Sage is like a god to some of you folks and you have received good service from the company. I did not. So you guys can go ahead and praise them but I will not do the same.

For the price of their product, I certainly didn't expect a lecture on how to string up a rod when I'd been flyfishing for 20 years at that point. Instead, for the price, I'd expect a repair or replacement with no questions or accusations.

TFO, which is considered a low-end rod compared to Sage, has always treated me right and never given me a raft of crap -- which is EXACTLY what Sage did -- so guess which rods I buy these days?

If you like your Sage and experienced good service from the company, good for you. I did not and I do hold a grudge. I just wish I was still writing flyfishing product reviews for national publications....

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