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A stripped down Muddler in October Caddis colors

hook - Dai Riki 799 #6 (all I have; pretend it's a dry hook)
thread - Danville 6/0 hot orange, UTC 140 tan
tag/rib - Krystal Flash orange
body - poly yarn orange
wing - hackle tips orange grizzly
overwing - Krystal Flash orange
collar/head - deer hair

mash barb, wrap thread back to hook point

tie in 4 strands of Krystal Flash

wrap KF tag and tie off

tie in yarn, wrap forward to return wire

spiral rib forward, trim and tie off

measure 2 hackle tips for length (hook bend) and tie in

tie in 10-12 strands of KF

clean, stack a clump of deer hair and measure for length (rear of tag)

realize 6/0 Danville isn't the best thread for spinning a deer hair head on a salmon hook and switch to UTC 140 (tan here); 2 soft loops

pull thread tight slowly and let it spin around body; if it doesn't do a 360, back off a half turn, re-tighten and it should encompass the hook

pack deer hair back, clean another clump (don't stack, trim the tips), and repeat the spinning process (for both clumps, I ended up using more deer hair than I thought I would need because of the difficulty I had getting it to spin around the double wire)

half hitch x 2 and SHHAN, trim KF, trim head into a Muddlerish shape (take 2, flatten the bottom a bit more); riffle hitch and go skating

does the poly yarn help keep this afloat?
what is the advantage I hear sometimes trimming the bottom of the spun head flat?
Thanks for sharing


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does the poly yarn help keep this afloat?
The stuff is (at least partly) hydrophobic, so it does help; I could have used 1mm foam, too.

what is the advantage I hear sometimes trimming the bottom of the spun head flat?
For some flies (not necessarily this one in particular), trimming the bottom flat helps clear the hook gap; I think it also helps the fly land upright.

He's got another tied like that but with purple deer hair spun just like the one you showed. I forget the name. His Ms Black is also a good fly - more like a nymph. I have had a lot of success with the Ms Black - on salmon and SRC in the fresh

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