Local Bamboo gathering?

I don't have any boo, but would enjoy trying a few. I do have access to Windermere Park (private), 10 blocks South of Magnuson Park, with +-240' of Lk.Wa. waterfront and a 200' dock. Summer would be tough with all of the kids swimming, but Spring is very doable. Once in a great while I'll catch SMB off the dock but I mostly use it for a casting fix. However, if another venue comes along I'd still like to attend.
This sounds like a great place.
If there is no fees involved it might be worth the effort to pick a date and see if it works for the majority of the current participants in this forum topic. If it does gain momentum I'm sure you will see more interest as the date gets closer. From the sounds of it there are a number of people willing to bring and share some bamboo rods, me included. Casting by far beats talking about bamboo when you're trying to understand the action of a particular taper.


David Loy

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Well, I barely know what I'm doing tomorrow but almost any Saturday or Sunday can work. Without digging deeper I'll throw the dart at Saturday April 26th, say noon? I think my family is away so I'm without adult supervision (woohoo). But other dates can work as well so this is a first stab. If there is consensus for an earlier date, March 29th might be good here. Maybe even better. You guys choose.

Anyone is of course welcome, there is plenty of room. My preference is low key. There are a couple picnic tables. I might make a large D.O. dump cobbler just cause it's fun, but don't plan on a feast. I cook every day but I'm no Gary Knowles :). Any spirits need to be slightly covert but I don't expect trouble with this crowd. I'll bring a camp table & blanket for rod display. I can supply a large Weber & coals if anyone feels like grilling their catch.

Directions: Head North or South on Sand Point Way to Windermere Drive (roughly equivalent to NE 57th Street). Go East at the light, go three blocks and take a sharp right on Ambleside (a three way intersection). Park is at the bottom of the hill. Follow the goose poop to the beach.
Looking forward to meeting you.
That sounds like a perfect plan David, thanks for getting this off the coffee table and on the calendar. The 26th will work for me as far as I can see, it's on the calendar now!

I'll have at least three rods with me possibly more if I get off my dead butt and start making more curls on the bench. I will bring a Dickerson 7'6" "7613 5wt, a Para 14, 7'9" 5 wt. and a 7' Sir "D" 4 wt. These all have a different personality to give you a idea of how different tapers can have different actions.

Thanks for stepping up for this. I'll attend and bring 6 or 8 bamboo rods (maybe more depending on what's available).
Take care and best regards,
Thank you for bringing this together. I'll plan to attend and will bring 3 or 4 rods and my poor casting stroke. I just hope Mike, Ray and the other real rod makers who attend will have patience if I get to try their gems with my casting style!

Suggestion - once the date is definitely "set" someone may want to post the gathering on the Classic Rod Forum's Events section.