Local Bamboo gathering?


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I will try to make it, although I tend to work a lot of weekends at the shop... I've got a couple of rods, one I refinished and would love to see if anyone know what it is and a Headwaters 4/5 I bought about 5 years ago. I'll have to see if I can bring an Orvis Penn's Creek 7' 4wt that we have in the shop too! I was out casting it with a customer yesterday and love the action on that rod!
is this a sure date, April 26? my buddy an I will come up if nothing gets in our way. I have only used glass an have been wanting to cast a cain for a long time.
I have another deal to attend in the morning, but should be there in the afternoon of the 26th.

My recent rods are 8'9" or 9', hollow-built, and the ferrules are either bamboo, graphite, or (my favorite) splice joints that are taped together. Not the "classic look" most folks like, but they work well for the fishing I do in lakes and saltwater beaches.

It sounds like there will be quite a collection of bamboo rods to sample at this event. I think the more different tapers, lengths, styles of ferrules and some hollow built rods thrown in will be a real broad sampling for those who are not real familiar with all of the choices available when you step to the dark side.........................................


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