Dirty Snowballs


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In honor of ISON which, like Icarus, flew a bit too close to the sun, a few Comets




My orange hackle was lacking, so I took some feathers from a cheapie white hen cape and did the Koolaid dye in the microwave.



You know... you're sure tying a lot of steelhead/salmon patterns. One of these days you'll need to make it out this way so we can take you steelhead and salmon fishing so you can use them!

At one time, Comets were my go-to deep water steelhead/salmon patterns. In fact, a version of a Comet was my favorite for catching silver salmon just upstream from tidewater on the Big Elk and Alsea rivers. Just in case you do ever find yourself flogging the water at a silver salmon fishery, tie some in purple.

The chartreuse color pattern would work great for chum salmon on the Miami and Kilchis rivers in Oregon.

(Comets also work well for catching Rock Bass from the Jetties when fishing Newport Bay at night.)


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
Wondering how many are going to get the references to dirty snowballs, ISON and how they relate to a Comet fly! ;)

But maybe there's more "high-minded" fly fishers out there than I think!!

Jim Darden

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how did you figure out where the guy was from? It is not on his profile. I don't understand why your location is so secret.....we can help you more when we know.

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