Swap Mini Marathon Trout swap (2014)


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At this late point, any additions would have complicated matters and I don't want anyone tying more than a dozen flies.

We will each tie a dozen flies per round, covering the six other people in the swap. Obviously, you will not receive your own patterns back unless I'm an idiot when distributing them.

You can tie a dozen of the same fly (each person will receive two) or a half dozen each of two different flies.

I'll forward my address as requested (sean k, Travis and TE already sent). I'm going to be out of town for awhile, so if I'm not immediate about posting arrivals this month don't panic. I promise to provide up to date info for the remainder of the swap.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's patterns. Thank you for joining.


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Beast! I haven't even decided on my nymph patterns yet.
If you send the streamers early I promise not to lose them.
:) I tied half a dozen different patterns this weekend trying to decide on a pattern. I think I have narrowed it down to a pattern. Now, I'm playing with different materials to get the look I'm after. If I can't get it just right, then I have an old standby that I can whip up.


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Looks like everyone is doing well with completing their ties. One week to go!

If anyone still needs my address let me know. Finished my dozen tonight.