Thinking about hitting Gibbs tomorrow. Never been before. Can anyone verify that there's a launch? Or can I at least get the truck close enough to the water to where I'm not carrying my pontoon too far? It's pretty hard to tell on Google maps.
Rob, you will have to carry your pontoon unless you have a wheel. Park at a pullout after dropping your pontoon and gear. It's about like walking down the launch from the road at RSL down a slight grassy hill. The pullout from the truck is about twice as far if if remember correctly.
Hmm. I have a hand truck that I can rig up. It's a pain, but it works. Maybe I'll try Leland. Any opinions from those in the know? I've only been over to that side of the bridge once, and that was to fish Teal. Didn't know there wasn't a launch. Carrying the toon down to the water wasn't too bad, but just about killed me getting it back up to the truck after a day of fishing.
Oh, by "bridge", I meant the Hood Canal bridge. I fish Cady all the time. I live in U.P./Tacoma and just want to stay off the I-5 corridor tomorrow as the afternoon commute tomorrow is gonna be a mess. Cady is an easy drive, but was looking for a change of scenery, so thought I'd head further up and cross over into the Gibbs/Teal/Leland/Tarboo area.
Tarboo looks good on the map. Anyone know if it's open? It's not in the regs.
Oops, looks like Tarboo closes Nov 30: link Weird that it's not listed in the hard copy of the regs.
So, Teal, Gibbs, and Leland are all that I'm seeing that are open year round up in that area. Am I missing any? Any others I should check while I'm up there?

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Teal requires a short haul down to the lake. Beautiful location that I have frequented with success. I've not fished there in a while though. You've got me thinking about a visit though.

Gibbs isn't that hard to launch and recover, but hauling your toon will be some work.

Leland is someplace I don't think I've visited, yet.


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A cool lake to fish in the winter that isn't to far from you is St Clair.
I grew up in T-town and we used to fish it quite a bit in the winter. I believe they are now stocking browns in it as well.
Spanaway also has been putting out some nice browns the past few years and is open year round.
Reporting back. Went to Gibbs and then Leland Christmas eve. Both sucked. No action whatsoever. Not one rise either place. Leland looked terrible. Debris all over the surface from the winds the days before. Should have gone back to Teal, but after hauling the boat up and down at Gibbs, I just didn't have it in me to do it again at Teal, so went to Leland instead. Oh well, two more I can cross off the list!

Ed Call

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Not seeing risers this time of the year with these cooler temps is not alarming. Most of what fish eat is below the surface! I can't recall the byathermy chart of Gibbs, but think there are a couple deeper shelves that merit fishing.