FS Flats boots

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Hey everyone,

Im looking for a pair of flats boots size 11-12 depending on the fit. Going to mexico in February and may or may not need some flats boots for beach fishing but dont want to get there un prepared. If you have any for sale please let me know also trying not to break the bank so no need for anything fancy.

Thanks alot
The best advice I received before my first Christmas Island trip in 1990 came from George Cook, who is legendary in the NW.

"Just go down to the Army/Navy Store and get a pair of steel-shanked Jungle Boots for $19."

At the end of two weeks, they looked like they'd been through the wood chipper, from all the coral. But my feet were totally unscathed, and I left them with our guide. Best investment I ever made.

Thanks again, George!
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