Navy Base Beach Access?

I've been exploring the Kitsap Peninsula via GoogleMap and can't help but notice that Indian Island, Keyport, and Bangor have some fishy looking beaches (at least from the Google Satellite photos)…anyone have any experience with fishing on the Navy base beaches?

I'm active duty up in Everett and haven't been able to find any info via the Everett MWR. Thought I would ask here before I started bothering the base MWRs or security folks...


Ed Call

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Make those calls. You will find limited access, even for active duty folks, post 9/11/2001 when access tightened up quite a bit. I have fished the beaches of Bangor and Indian Island, enjoyed it immensely. That was quite a long time ago.

Bob Triggs

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If you are an active duty service person you will need to contact each base and ask for their specific protocols. As far as Indian Island is concerned, most of the best fishing and access is not actually on the Navy base shores but on the local public park beaches.
Doug Rose article in northwest fly fishing from last fall talks about that area as does his book on fly fishing the Olympic peninsula. also talk to the gig harbor fly shop they know some good locations to fish up in that area as well.

Scott Salzer

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While there are definitely some good beaches at the Navy bases, there are beaches that are just as good all around the areas you mention. No need to concentrate on the base shoreline access.

Thanks for all the input as I begin to expand my SRC horizons beyond the couple of reliably decent beaches that others have generously shared with me.

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