Had a great customer experience today!!!

I took the plunge and decided I would attempt to build my first rod. After tons of research by way of reading and YouTube clips I took my first step. I decided to take a drive to Sequim and visit Utmost Enterprises, wow what great people there! From the phone call to when I was there. I felt like I was in class. Grant Darby took care of me, I got what I was looking for and the guy never tried to sell me more than what I told him I was ready for. In fact I ended up walking out of there with everything I needed and spent less that what I thought I'd spend based on what I saw online.

I know that it is generally encouraged to not spend too much on a 1st and I took that to heart, but these guys even helped get me in the door lower than I expected which is sweet! I have everything I need and will get started tonight! :D SO SUPER STOKED!!!

Big-Ups to Utmost Enterprises! Good peoples, great customer service! I'll be back for more no doubt!
I've been really happy with Utmost too. Good luck on your first rod! Just make sure that you get the handle and reel seat right, you can always strip and rewrap the guides--I refinished the first rod I built (I did a pretty mediocre job the first time around) and still use it as a back-up rod.
I have delt with Utmost on a few occasions and have not one bad word to say about them. Utmost are some great people that do go out of their way to help

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The best thing about them is if you order by phone they will only charge you actual postage, and being so close you usually have it the next day anyway.
Finished my rod last night! Heeheehee :D , so much fun! It was a 2 piece 12 dollar burgundy colored blank, the ones they can't tell you what brand they are. Well it's either Pac Bay or Batson or possibly St Croix. Didn't know what weight it was when I left with it but Grant tested it various ways and it appeared to be a 4 wt or under. When I got home I removed 3 little bunches of tape wrapped at the base of the blank and it read B 764 (Since it's a 2 piece I'm pretty confident that that was an indicator that it's an actual 4 wt.) Schweet!! Turned out perfect! It's real whippy/flexy compared to a 2 piece matte Batson 7'6" 4wt. Either way, it's my first build so I wasn't too picky about much other than under 5wt requirement. I wanted to build a little creek rod since I have none. I forgot two things at the place upon checking out my winding check and the china marker.

After checking online I took the "wrap the rod in various places with tape and mark on the tape with a pen" route. I also have a silver colored sharpie marker that will wipe off with denatured alcohol.

Bought some red thread and gold accent stuff and went to town. learned a bunch from this rod build (my impatience) and am ready to be more patient on my next rod build which would have started today if Utmost would be open! I was ready to drive out there again to buy me the things to make a 5wt salt rod - the "SRC Whisperer". Guess I'll wait till Friday or just call in an order! :D HOOKED!

gee, between fly tying and rod building who's got time for fishing? ;) Oh wait, there's the outgoing tide, gotta run! :D
If you are going to build your rod for salt water use SS316 guides. I would use SS316 for all your rods. It will add about $1.50 to the cost of your rod. The alloy SS316 is a stainless alloy used in the marine environment.

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