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Rick Todd

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It's nice to have so many retired or nearly so on the board as it gives those of us who are retired some fishing companions! Like this Thursday, Roper, Scott Salzer, and Andrew (who are all still gainfully employed but with a lot of freedom are heading to my cabin (Winthrop) for some upland bird hunting and a guided duck hunt. (Since I still work one day most weeks I guess I'm not retired either!:)) Theron when you get here we will have to meet at Pass Lake for some fishing! Rick


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Buncha' old farts in this forum! Man, you guys are old! Hope to join you all next year or so.

Congrats Theron and welcome to WA. Other than it not being NE, what drew you to WA as a retirement choice?

Congratulation on you recent retirement and upcoming move to the PNW. I can attest that is great! I don't think you will regret it. I myself relocated here from the upper plains in the 80's, the family and I wanted to try an area were it's not bitter cold in winter and sticky hot in summer. I was actually born just down the road from you in Nebraska City. I still have family in the area, so I get back there about every year.
When I retired several years ago, it was for medical reasons, and I am left with some mobility issues, so my primary fishing is stillwaters with my homemade pram. My favorite lakes are Lone and Pass, so after you get here and can get out, we could meet up at one of those places. If you needed something to float, I have a pontoon or a float tube you could borrow. For me, the pram is the only way to go, hopefully you can get one for yourself.
Be safe and stay warm,


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Damn, it's -8 here this morning with a wind chill of -28. Sure glad it's Saturday and I don't have to go out. Probably tie up some flies and dream about fishing in the PNW.

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The trouble with it being Saturday every day is the Saturdays seem to slip by faster now. I use my days as a Monday as I don't have to get up and go to work after a weekend. But they also seem to go by fast. And yes I forget as to what the days are. If it wasn't for my watch I would be totally lost as far as days go.