January Fly Salon- Marabunta


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Fin, those are awesome, simply can't be beat.

That's hoTTT Riseform. What size do you tie those puppies?
I think I put that on a size 14. According to Cutter's write up, however, size doesn't matter ;) since ants present themselves in all sorts or contorted forms. He does claim that most people fish an ant that is too small.


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Thanks riseform!!

Those are tied on a Dai-Riki #300, sz. 12...(we have BIG ants in the area).

They are not very durable, but after 15 fish...I can't complain...




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Looks great Gary! I can just imagine a giant trout rising to that.

Thanks also to Jack for reaching back to the 1930s for a pattern!

I attended a lecture by Bill Clinton this past week and the discussion turned to ants. He mentioned that the biomass of ants is greater than the biomass of all human beings. That's a lot of fish food and I think worthy of some great patterns.


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Special thanks to Jack and Gary for keeping this Salon from being a total disaster, but I think I gotta go with FinLuver's "LIkeable" as my pick for January. You just can't argue with the success of a well eaten pattern that was still catching fish.

FinLuver, pick something more appealing than ants!


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Looks like FinLuver abandoned us, though I admit I only attempted to communicate through this thread.

Gary, as runner up the crown is now yours!