MA 11 - Good day, learned some/lost some

Despite the grimness of the weather I hit my favorite MA 11 beach at high tide this morning. It looked like a decent tide and it wasn't super nasty out so I gave it a go. Pretty much three hours of nothing and the wind began to pick up so I dejectedly called it and started hiking back to the van. On the way I noticed an area of aggressive standing waves caused by the outgoing thru a channel and the wind waves from the South, so I chucked my squimp into the fray and had a hit, but it was just a bump, several hits and losses later I am getting frustrated so I figure they are just hitting short so I try one of my tube versions thinking the longer body and hook placement might help and sure enough I connected with 5 good cuts in the 12 to 16 inch range, all solid fighters. I lost several bigger ones but was totally stoked and happy I noticed the clues.
I really love the moving water and it seemed to be the key to getting action ( Having read all the standard SRC books I knew that it should have been, I have never see water moving this aggressively from the beach.). At first I thought the bottom was too sandy and the water too rough but it seemed to be perfect.
I am way new to the tube fly tying thing so I was very pleased to see it work and perhaps solve the hook up problem.
Several of the fish were bright and covered in lice but the others were awesomely golden and clean.

I typically suck in the winter from the beach but this really motivated me and I hope you all get out as well and have some fun! Always learning and perfecting.

Typical golden 12 incher

Tube squimp - semi floating

A calm moment betwixt the tides and rain.


Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater
We are really lucky to have these great fish in our backyard.
Heck, I haven't fished for searuns in years but the pictures people post has got me thinking I need to start chasing them again.
Great looking fish and fly Dave.

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