25 yard dog.


Hey, don't discount the size of the critter... don't forget the attack rabbit from "In Search of the Holly Grail". Small and fuzzy could be a monster in waiting.

You'll need a Holly Hand Grenade to take it out....

David Loy

Senior Moment
That dog is thinking.... how did i end up with blue haired lady and a grumpy old goat. I wanted a little girl for xmas and i got these two.:D
The funny thing is (and a big reason we love them) dogs purely play the hand they're dealt. No ego. None. They learn the members of their pack and move forward with no presumptions or games. Agape.
But then you knew that because of your answer.
Well since were on the topic :)...this is my 25 yard dog. As a die hard Lab and Husky guy, I have to admit this little nerd really has some personality and smarts. I am tempted to put him in the kayak or the tube and let him chill. He has gumption.
Sorry for the Semi Hijack OM...but us little dog people got to stick together :p