How You Can Help Occupy Skagit


Geriatric Skagit Swinger
But how do the interested parties get the ball rollling in putting together a basin specific steelhead plan for the Skagit River that both the tribes and the WDFW will sign off on?
It's been six years and counting waiting for this document to be typed up, submitted, revised, re-submitted, etc. etc. ....

I would do it myself if I could. If anyone thinks they can take it on - then by all means...:)

If you consider yourself an interested party here some other things you can do to help:

This document contains the contact info for the District 14 Biologists:
Call them. Ask them how the progress of the Skagit Steelhead Management Plan is going.
When will it be done.
When will it be submitted again?

Here is the page for Region 4:
Contact them and ask the same questions.

Show up on the river March 29th, Howard Miller Steelhead Park.

Show up at the WDFW Commissioners Meeting in Olympia on April 12 (this is a new date btw) and when you get there, sign up to speak.
You will get three minutes to make your point.
Ask them why it has taken over six years to do for steelhead what was done almost instantaneously for Chinook.
Ask them for a progress report, specifically, what's been done since we last met a year ago.
Ask them if there is some kind of internal "due date" and if not, why?
Ask them if the co-managers are working together on it?

Last year we had 200 people at the river but only a handful at the Commissioners Meeting.
It would be nice to get two hundred at the meeting!
I know the river is more fun, at least it was for me, but the heavy lifting is done in Olympia.
Bill just show up - we don't want you email address, phone number or you to send us your fishing gas money for fund raising because the rivers are closed. What we would like is anglers who care about the Skagit to voice there approval of a basin by basin management plan by the Feds and State of WA.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you there