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Geriatric Skagit Swinger
January used to be for working the hatchery hole with gear and tying flies for spring. As Salmo says the only reason to fish it now in January is because it closes before the thousands - yes! -thousands! of native steelhead show up... Occupy Skagit

Occupy Olympia Commissioners Meeting April 12th 2014

Charles Sullivan

ignoring Rob Allen and Generic
Fished with a friend on Friday. It was a beautiful day on the water. At times it felt like a Vitamin D bong hit. The effects of the sun going directly to my head. There were a number of people that I knew on the water which made the day even more enjoyable. Although the fishing is spotty at best in January, we all need to get our Skagit fix. The day was a bit like a class reunion. Some anglers had hooked a few in the last couple weeks wich gave me more hope, not only for today but for the future. The day ended with me listening to 3 biologists discuss the potential for a spring season.

Some of the water felt so perfect to swing through that I was actually surprised not to hook fish even knowing that the run had literally just started and there is only fraction of the run in the river. As the day went on, I could not help but think how I wish it were March or April. I could be fishing multiple days with an optimism and excitement for fishing a river that can only be matched by a few BC rivers. The weather is so much nicer that I could possibly share it with my daughters. There is a feeling of determination that characterizes fishing the Skagit in January and February. March and April give the feelings of optimism, hope, and calm. Occupy Skagit.

Go Sox,

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
An illustration of an important and rarely talked about step in the development of an angler. That of course is when we get as much or more enjoyment of introducing new folks to the sport that is so important to use.

Well done Leland!!!

Great to see a new generation of "fly bums" developing.


There it is.