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For chubby chasers, a changeup to all those skinny little damsels.

hook - TMC 5263 #6
thread - UTC 140 brown olive
eyes - plastic dumbell black
tail - marabou brown olive
underbody - non-toxic wire .025
body - dubbing mix angora brown olive/Simi Seal olive spectrum
rib - copper wire fine
legs - pheasant rump (dyed olive)
wing case - turkey tail
head - same as body

mash barb, attach thread

measure a clump of marabou for length (hook gap) and tie in

since you forgot to tie in the eyes first, do it now and act like nothing ever happened (not that it really matters)

wrap shank with non-tox

mash it in the horizontal orientation, brush with Super Glue

cover with thread wraps to smooth out body and tie in ribbing

dub a plus-sized body

rib body, helicopter and tie off; add a little more dubbing up front

cut out center stem from a pheasant rump feather, measure for length (extend back to the hook point) and tie in on top of the hook, spreading fibers on either side; trim butts

prep a section of turkey tail (gap width); fold and trim at an angle

tie in

trim butts and dub head (between eyes, too); half hitch x 2, SHHAN