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My wife has been givin me the gears about falling into a river and never coming home, and is pretty much demanding I get a good wading staff. I tend to agree...I usually just use a stick when attempting crazy crossings, but one of those collapsible/quick-draw-McGraw staffs would be ideal. But they're spendy.

Anybody have one that they don't use? Care to exchange for a reasonable sum of currency?

Well the best collapsible wading staff i've seen for the money is a brand I don't remember that is at Sportco in Fife for 38.00. Solid carbide tip and collapses to roughly 12"s I believe, and with carrying belt case. They also have this at walmart, pretty good quality.
I was going to buy this but remembered that this is still kinda pricey for me, so I went to Backpackers Supply in Tacoma and bought a used clearanced out PAIR of cross country ski poles for 12.00! Carbide tip and very strong at 5'. Has a tacky grip and also I took off the 2" diameter tip scoop which just leaves the tip and pole. Works perfect if not better and stronger than the staffs in the store, at 12.00 for 2, you cannot beat it! See pic... PS: or get a PDF, which will make anyone more secure on safety. I wear one, thinking of getting a whitewater Lotus Rio Bravo and getting rid of my SOS for many reasons. Either or, my wife has more peace of mind now more than ever.

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