Swart's Paddlin' Crawdad

Teenage Entomologist

Gotta love the pteronarcys.
You can tie the legs with either Super Stretch Body Material rubberlegs, or micro vernille. And the back is Turkey, along with turkey biots for its antennaes. I now use the legs with vernille because is more realistic and looks better. The tail on the olive one is painted with paint, because I couldn't find my green sharpie, but the Rusty Crawdad's tail is painted with a rust colored waterproof marker. Here's the new and improved Rust Paddlin' Crawdad. image.jpg

And the legs aren't as thick as they look in the photo. And lastly, I got the legs at www.theflyshop.com. Vernille should be sold in every fly shop. The tail is just a piece of a thick ziplock bag cut to the shape of a Crawdad tail.