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*****EDIT******* The LL has been traded and is no longer available. It was not traded to the OP. Good luck on finding a 4 wt!

I've got a 2 piece Sage LL I'd let go. Not sure if you're looking for a softer rod like an LL or not. Shoot me a PM if interested.

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Anybody have a good 4w rod or even a rod and reel combo let me know please and thanks. Will be using it on sea runs and trout in my local streams.
I have a MINT Diamondback Classic Trout 3/4, Used Custom Loomis IMX 7ft 4wt, New Steffen S glass 3/4, MINT Epic 8ft 4wt.
In reels I have a Mint Vintage Orvis Madison II and a new Lamson Velocity 1.5 Hard Alox II model.
PM me with email and I can take photos of anything you are interested in.


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I have two that I'm looking to get rid of. First I have an Orvis Hydros 9ft 4wt (tip flex) I also have a TFO TICR 9ft 4wt. Both rods are 4 piece, In mint condition and also come with a rod tubes.

For reels I have a generation one, Red Allen trout reel with two extra spools.

If interested PM me with an email address and I'll send you pictures.

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You need to check out the GLX Classic for sale in this forum. You'll find it's almost impossible to find a 4 weight with saltwater proof components, and this one has them. Yep, I know you indicate you'll be fishing for searuns in your local streams, but those pesky searuns, especially the big ones, sure like salt, and there will likely be times when you want to hit the salt. Those GLX Classic rods are incredible casting rods; I have 3. You can add in a line and a reel, and you'll have a lifetime rod/reel outfit!

Ed Call

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If a new in tube Redington Classic Trout 4wt interests you, please let me know. It is a nice rod, but not on the same level as the GLX or One listed above.


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I also have two st croix 4 wts. One is the current model imperial and the other is a legend ultra. Both purchased in 2012. Imperial is 8' and the LU is 8'-6". If interested shoot me a pm.
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