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After seven years following this forum, I don't recall ever seeing a swap for Crappie Flys even though there seems to be quite an interest, fishing for crappie in the warm water section.

A google search for crappie patterns is easy however, I'm interested to see what proven patterns everyone out there is using.


Due date will be 15 April

Who's in?

1. Sean_k

2. Atomic dog----received

3. Kcahill----received

4. Steeli

5. Eyejuggler---received

6. Keith Hixson----received

7. Mike Cline-----received

8. KevinLS


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I think a lot of the flies may come out looking the same :D

I pretty much just use a sparkly dark olive mini bugger with a red tungsten head in size 12 and 14 since the lake I fish is full of damsel flies. I can tie up some of these if interested.


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Just over a day and half full! Thank you to everyone who has signed up to this point. If this swap fills up quickly and everyone finishes their flys early I'll send them out sooner than the 15 April due date.
I'm tying up a bunch of an old steelhead pattern that I have caught hundreds of crappie on. The pattern was called the "Wet Spider". I have made a couple adaptions to it for crappie but not many. I guess you can count me in.
"Just a preview, I need to get some extra material but this is a killer little bug that is easy and productive! I got the recipe from an old Fly Tyer mag and it's solid.
I will be submitting half of these in chartreuse and half in white."

Nice looking fly. It certainly will catch Crappie.

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