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The way my March is looking, I'll need the full April tax deadline to get mine in. I'll be tying a red-eyed damsel, pattern I've netted all kinds of warm water fish.
I sat down and tried tying a couple EP baitfish last night. They turned out...sloppy. I need to spend some time getting the process down. Sloppy or not, they are neat little flies, I think they'll catch fish just fine.
I sat down and tied some more baitfish. My consistency with these things is still crap, but I finally got one that I'm happy with. I can't wait to test these things out.

Hopefully by the end of the week I can get enough of them tied up that I am happy with and get them sent out.


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Eyejuggler and Atomic both really nice looking ties! Eyejuggler I've had good success with a larger pattern like that in lakes. Just kind of like spoon fishing; fast strips in. Tie in flashy colors. Look forward to try the special small one.
An Old Timer told me, "it isn't a crappie lure (fly) unless it has red." He said red represents injury to the crappie. Now I'm not so sure about his opinions because I have caught lots of crappie using little solid color jigs. But when I tie for crappie I always use a little red somewhere in the fly. Old Traditions kinda haunt you.
This is my crappie spider. While trout fishing a lake many years ago we came across some crappie. Since my friend and I like to eat crappie we decided catch more. I changed to a steelhead fly called the "Wet Spider" It was a simple fly. Yellow chenille body and mallard flank for hackle. It is a great fly for sea run cutthroats also but that's for another thread. The fly I used was a size 6 and I caught a bunch of crappie that day. I went home and modified the fly. Added a white marabou tail. A little red chenille at the butt (all crappie flies should contain red) and a partridge for the soft hackle. I also will use soft grizzly hackle for the wing. Simple but effective fly. Used it for years. I tie it in size 8 or 6 Mustad 3906B or similar hook.



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So far I've received Keith's flys, we have about two weeks left until the due date. How is every one coming along with their flys?


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Just back in town yesterday after a looong trip.
Bugs just started but might whip them up by the end of the weekend.
Looks like there's going to be some great looking flies!

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