Swap Crappie Fly swap

Got em in the mail today. If the flies get a case of bed head in transport, just run em under warm water for a second and they'll go back to their nice teardrop shape.
Can't wait to see these flies. April's a busy month for me, but I plan on heading to Hutchinson/Shiner asap once I have these babies in hand.
Just got mine off this morning, however I did forget a return envelope :( I will send it separately or I can come out to Spanaway and I could meet you. Either way.

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Sorry was on vaca. Size 10 crappie clouser style in black and chartreuse. There early this week.

Super pumped for all the cool patterns folks!


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Steeli I have received your. Great job! I'm waiting on one set of flys to arrive that are in the mail and should be here possibly tomorrow.

I'm heading out of town tonight so if the last flys arrive tomorrow I'll get everyone's out to them on Monday.

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