Super Floss is running???

I just bought a new pack of Larva Lace Black Super Floss for tying chironomids. I coat almost all my floss 'mids with Hard as Nails or Super Glue and have never had a problem. However the color is running or bleeding so bad almost immediately after I put my Hard as Nails or Glue on it that it just ends up looking cloudy rather than clear and clean.
Not sure the fish will care, but it sure looks ugly.
Has any one else had this problem before? This doesn't happen with my older packs or the new red I picked up, so do you think this is a problem with black, or just this package?
Any ideas?


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Not sure if this will help but Larva Lace used to produce a coating that was for their synthetic products. I have always used that products if I coated Larva Lace.
it could be a poorly done dye job

have you tried washing/rinsing the super floss to maybe remove any excess dye? its worth a try. or try a different brand