NFL refuses commercial air time for Daniel Defense during Super Bowl

I saw on the Outdoor Channel cable #636 today the NFL refused Daniel Defense any air time for a commercial during the Super Bowl. It is true without question where there is big money there are Politics.
The Daniel Defense has info about this on line. Pitiful; Janet Jackson's breast exposure labeled a wardrobe malfunction. Alcohol commercials one after another and soon legal Pot. Well anyone else get a burr under their saddle over this? NFL stated NO gun commercials. Smells of the political donkey dung IMHO. VGD
I really do not care what the NFLs stand is on the gun issue. I understand where they are coming from though. Alcoholic commercials ect are vastly accepted in this society. Unfortunately there is too much mixed views on the gun issue and the nfl clearly wants no part of it.

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Alcohol abuse kills some 75,000 Americans each year and shortens the lives of these people by an average of 30 years, a U.S. government study reports.

At least 31940 people died from gun injuries in 2011, another study reports.

Government studies, both, don't really know much about either, how well their data is or anything truly scientific. The alcohol death toll includes medical and vehicular related alcohol deaths.

75,000 > 32,000 > either number should be. (Read > as "is greater than")
Screw the commercials, both are a problem. Sad that corporate America is drawing a line between these two when even government studies seem to think they are on the wrong side of the line.


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The NFL doesn't sell ads for the superbowl. So this story, like many "theys commin to get yer guns" stories doesn't hold water. It is just designed to get everybody's panties in a twist. Particularly after the (completely different) situation with NASCAR last year.

Fox paid $4.87 BILLION to be able to broadcast the superbowl (which technically rotates through CBS, NBC, and Fox). The broadcasters are the ones who sell the ads. It wouldn't make sense for the NFL to be able to sell the broadcast rights AND sell all the ads themselves.

Well, it would make sense to the NFL I suppose. But it isn't something that happens in the real world.


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Sounds like the full story is a bit murkier. The ad wasn't submitted to Fox or the NFL, just to local Fox affiliates, who rejected it.

Daniel Defense submitted the advertisement to Fox affiliate WTGS-TV in Savannah, Ga. to air locally during the game.
However, it does sounds like the NFL (and the broadcasters) have rules regarding firearms advertisements.

So, like most things in life, the answer is in between the two extremes.


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I know my opinions are a bit off the norm, but what the hell. Our country is so f*cked up. Bakery owners are sued because they won't bake wedding cakes for gays. It's prejudice. But so many stupid protests against a 2nd amendment right are just fine and no one gets upset in the liberal press. Moonshiners on TV, but we can't have any gun advertising. Gabby Gifford and her space cadet husband go around as poster children for gun control instead of criminal control. Illegal aliens granted amnesty and their kids can apply for education grants. Meanwhile Border Wars is on TV and they're shipping them back to Mexico, but not the ones already here. Then issues like this, where's the truth in anything anymore? So much bullshit in the airwaves...and in out society.
Then issues like this, where's the truth in anything anymore? So much bullshit in the airwaves...and in out society.
One could reasonably argue it's always been that way, it's just that things are so transparent in todays media. For the most part I don't let it stir me up, just keep on keepin' on.

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