Slippery Bastards


Wasn't going to fight the fish just for a pic. If it doesn't happen quick and easy they are left to swim. Too many people need the picture so bad they'll wrestle them into the rocks. All it means to me is that it's time to find another. Yes, I was swinging and my buddy tossing worms.



My buddy's jig rod. There's another in there with a PW. He had to set his somewhere while grabbing the camera from the dry box.

Yes, I was swinging and my buddy tossing worms.
Look real close and you might even figure out what color jig it is.


Friends and spouse, the people I fish with right now, don't get out enough to fish the fly. They're not good at wading and fishing the fly isn't really the best use of our time. Rowing while they fish hardware has been a great way for them to catch steelhead on a pretty regular basis. I still swing when the opportunity is right but I get more enjoyment out of watching them.

Linda Calawah 001.JPG

This smile says it all.




Btw, that's a big freaking hen in that net.

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