Anyone fish a 7wt Batson RX6? Comments/Opinions


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Can not comment specifically on that combo, might be a little soft (and I do not like fast/stiff rods). But for my money and for a longer rod and heavier line weight I would go with the RX7.

Rob Ast

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Similar to LD, I have only cast the lighter weights. They are a nice medium-fast action but would probably not be suited to casting tight loops and a ton of line. If you're looking for something to roll cast 40' I bet it would be great.
Right on, it's what I figured just wanted to confirm. I hear the RX 6 is a great rod for a 7'6" 4wt and under. And that was confirmed after I built my wife a 763. :D


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Looking to build a 10' 7wt and was thinking RX6, any thoughts opinions etc on this blank?
I own 3 Batson's and have fished with more than a dozen of these rods...Bro-in-law has built all of them. Agree with the RX6 in a 3-4wt. being a decent stick, but I wouldn't go with less than a RX7 for what you want and the 7+ is well worth the extra money. Your already saving by building it yourself, I would buy the best blank I could afford. I know they have gone way up in price in the last 5 years, but the + series is a much better blank in all weights, IMHO. The RX 8+ 5 wt. gets the most use, lakes, rivers or the salt.

I built this exact rod, Batson 10' 7 wt RX6. It was a nice looking blank, but was a little slow in my opinion. I agree with the guys that say this may be a good 4wt blank.

Check out the PAC BAY Quickline blanks. About the same price as the Batson. I built an 8 wt on the quickline, a bit faster and I really like it.

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