WTB 8 - 9 wt Saltwater Rod Wanted

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Hi all,

Moved back to the coast and am in need of a nice, high-end 8 or 9 weight saltwater rod (looking for Scott, Sage, Loomis in particular). Let me know what's out there. Thanks.

Richard E

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I have a Diamondback (owned by Cortland) Backwater (their saltwater series designed for the fish found in the Everglades and East Coast stripers, etc., so it's a very fast rod, has plenty of backbone, and casts like a rocket). American made, too. It's a 3 piece 8 weight. These rods are particularly known for their ability to cast sinking lines. I have too many 8 weights, and I'll let this one go for $90 (yep, it even has the cordura covered factory tube).

Here is some info from the web:

Crafted for fishing in heavy freshwater for big bass and pike, and saltwater for fish like striper, blues and snook, the Diamondback Backwater™ Series gives you the backbone needed to set hooks in bony-mouthed fish and plenty of power to turn a hard fighter. Utilizing our DGS800 graphite and tip-over-butt ferrule system, we have designed these rods with with loads of reserve power, making them the perfect choice when throwing heavy shooting heads and sinking lines with large flies. Backwater rods feature our "clown nose" fighting butt, large oversize guides to allow line to shoot smoothly, and are built saltwater-safe with an all-aluminum anodized reel seat and an O-ring locknut system.
STRIPPING GUIDES: Hard chrome stainless steel with hialoy insertSNAKE GUIDES: Oversized, hard chrome stainless steelTIP TOP: Large loop PRIMARY GUIDE WRAP: BlackTRIM WRAP: WhiteWINDING CHECK: EPDM rubber

GRAPHITE: Intermediate modulus (42 milliom) DGS800SCRIM: Bi-directional fiberglassFERRULE: Tip-over-buttFINISH: Stealthalized matte
ACTION: fast
STYLE: Full wellsLENGTH: 7"GRADE: Flor
TYPE: Uplocking with O-ring locknut (Downlocking on 15')MATERIAL: 6061T6 Aluminum (Graphite on 15')FINISH: Semi-matte black WOOD INSERT: NoneFIGHTING BUTT: 1.5" Clown nose, 2" on 12 wt. (6" rear grip on 15')
I have a 9 weight NRX that I just got back from loomis from a warranty repair that I'll sell you. It's brand new never been used. A 10' 9wt nrx. Let me know if you want pics or anything else.
I am selling two Thomas and Thomas Horizon II rods. Beautifully crafted sticks. I have both an 8 wt and 9 wt. Both are factory rods and include the factory case. Both are also 9 ft rods.

I can do $250/rod.


Diamondback (owned by Cortland) Backwater (their saltwater series designed for the fish found in the Everglades and East Coast stripers, etc.,
That rod is a canon, I have three backwaters and they bomb shooting heads, plus Airflo 40+, and RIO Outbounds. popular rod in the Noreast salt........Great price too!
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