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I believe it's a pattern modeled after the "cinder worm". I just moved to South Carolina and the boys at the fly shop in charleston told me about this somewhat infamous hatch. When it happens, it's the only thing the fish are keyed in on. Pretty weird.

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I guess I don't understand what's actually wrong with this. I tie a variety of flies - some emulate various life stages of insects, some emulate bait fish, and some, well, not really sure what they emulate, but they still work. I tie a variant of this myself - right down to the bit of flash, and have had success with it at times. If it's legal (i.e., not scented, barbless hooks, within size limitation, not natural bait, etc.), does it matter? The fish don't seem to care.

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There's nothing wrong with it, in fact the worm hatch on the Yakima can be quite an event. Softball-sized globs of tan and red colored worms writhing around, drifting downstream.

Of course, you have to want to put a worm on your leader...;)
Whatever works, good sir. No "high horses" here. One of my favorite scenes in "low and clear" was when xinie was giving JT guff about catching steel on the swing. So funny. So true. Fly fishing is deeply personal so fish in a manner that makes YOU happy.

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