Kirkland Signature Single Malts


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CostCo stores here in Montana can sell beer and wine but no hard liquor. I've tried some of the Kirkland brand wines and I find them to be a very good buy.

I'm curious about their single malt whiskey. Are they Islay or Highlands peaty (ie Laphroaig), or Speyside smooth and sweet (ie Glenmorangie)?



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The label on Kirkland Scotch says it's made by McCallam, which is a smooth Speyside. I've been tempted, but haven't bought any yet. I buy Kirkland brand wines, and they are easily as good as labels selling for twice as much.



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I bought a bottle of the Kirkland brand 18 yr single malt. It is a very, very good speyside scotch. It is going to take a while for me to drink it though because I much prefer the heavy peat Islay's, quality 12 yr old Bourbon, or a quality 7 yr or older high rye content (as in 90% or more rye) Rye Whiskey.
Anyone mind posting some prices so I don't have to run to costco to find out? Or PM me?

Just starting to look into single malts. Haven't explored past blends yet, except Bookers...


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I just bought the 15yr Macallan/Kirkland and did a SXS to standard 12yr Macallan.
I wish the news was better....
The Kirkland does not measure up in color or flavor.
The real deal is richer, more flavorful and has that single-malt bite and complexity.
The Kirkland does not.
Kirkland is a decent bottle of scotch, but if you do a blind taste, it doesn't hold up.

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