Casting When the Air Hurts your Face

Ed Call

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My oh my it has been some time since I actually assembled a rod, strung up a line and made a few casts. Today, after what has seemed to be a really hectic couple of weeks of really long work days, I did just that. I strung up a light switch rod, tied on a small baitfish pattern and walked into a pretty secluded urban fishery. Yes, I said pretty secluded and urban fishery and that is all you get to read about that.

Damn it was cold. What the hell am I doing out here casting when the air hurts my face when I've not fished in such a long time? Well, that is just it, I didn't care that my hiking boots were all I had and my face was frozen by the time I got to the gravelly shore.

I had about 30 minutes of daylight. I made a few casts to get into a rhythm. I thought how cold my face and bare hands were. My line went tight, I instinctively tugged a small strip set. The 14" searun coastal cutthroat trout was no match to the long lever of the ACR switch rod. Catch and release, now my hands are soaked and frozen, my boots are socks are wet and frozen and I'm headed to the truck with just the right mix of stress relief to forget just how much I was wondering why I was casting when the air hurts your face.

I need to do this more often. Peace.

Ed Call

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Thanks T Red and Freestone. Freestone, sad to report that the air that hurt my face was about 28 degrees. That makes me weak sauce for your neck of the woods because I know I've fished in much colder. When that line went tight, so did my smile and the frozen cheeks of my face!


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Well, Ed, I have to bundle up with so many layers, I can't move but I stay warmish. Of course, I also I go through about a truckload of hand and footwarmers every winter as I use 4-5 every trip!
Grats Ed! Good time out always, glad you got into a Cutt! I was out there to at my usual spot and no love...5 hours of beach roaming and I was frozen. Got the box 'o' heat pack from Costco and like Freestone, I am really going thru them!

Ed Call

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I went just because I had the rod tube and a few flies in my rig. I would never have lasted long dressed as I was for a normal work day of a desk jockey paper shuffler. Five hours would have required me to be really prepared today. Five hours would have hurt a lot more than my face.
Twenty eight sounds nice about now. It was nineteen last time I went fishing, and that was before the cold snap! Dressing for it makes a huge difference, though.

Jim Ficklin

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Way to go, Ed. My "two-handing" in temps a bit colder than that has involved using a 12-weight brush & snow shovel, very short casts, but an abundant supply of targets at which to direct them . . . with another prolific run again this morning :eek:. For some reason, I think your experience is better for the spirit. Carry on.


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Nice job, Ed!

Between a bout of walking pneumonia and then shortly thereafter throwing out my lower back it's been awhile for me also and I'm gettin' a little stir crazy!!! :)

Even when I can't get out reports like yours give me some hope and inspiration!