Greetings from the rainforest

A shot of chrome hope for anyone contemplating making a trip.

Rainforest steel.jpg

Despite long drives, 14 degree nights in a tent, fairly low and clear water conditions, minor frostbite in one finger tip, and overall slow fishing, this native made every minute spent in the rainforest over the last few days worth it.

Rainforest steel2.jpg

Ate a purple Hickman's Fish Taco on the swing. Just about busted me off on the first run but came to hand nicely and swam off even nicer. They're out there.


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Dan Cuomo

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Clyde! Oh no! No tight lines for any occupants of that Detroit iron. Tell them the fishing sucks and if the rabid elk don't get you Sasquatch will. One half-way-decent day for those guys and the Upper Hoh Road will look more like I-5 than it sometimes does already. Go South young man… Oregon is WAY better.
I saw that too. Owner of that fine Merc seemed like good people when I talked to him. Just trying to swing up some metal in a hard world. . .like the rest of us,