Pass Lake tomorrow


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Thinking i will head out tomorrow for Pass. Not too early in spite of Tim's advice and what I know myself. If you happen to be there say hello. I'm in the Valco.

I will give a report good or bad.


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Back at the house. I was one of two people on the lake today. A guy from Canada who fishes around Merritt of all places. He stayed around the corner point while I went down to the other end. On the water at 9:30 or so. Nothing doing on chironomids in front of the sheriff's place.

I drug a green leech along the shore after a while and anchored back up in the NE corner. Picked up a nice active fish at noon, out of the water three times, nice jumps. He took a chromie that was under a smaller black ice cream cone. That was it there. Drug a different leech around that corner because there was sign around, one fish broke the surface and some adults were actually flying around as it was a really beautiful sunny day.

Anchored back up halfway along that shore back toward the NW corner. Picked up another fish on the smaller ice cream cone.

That was it for me. Now, the guy who stayed at the point had five and lost three by the time I came back that way which was 2:30 or so. I was impressed, guess what he was using? A black balanced leech under his indicator. Somewhere in here I was reading what some of you guys were saying about the balanced leech. Well, I'm in for that. Going to tie some up. He had some green sparkle palmered in on his leech. I've got some pics, but don't have them off my phone as yet. Maybe later, beautiful day.

Jeff Dodd

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Thank you. I drove by early yesterday and saw a blue drift boat launching, then on my way home saw the same boat loading onto the trailer. This was Wednesday, it was howling that morning but nice that evening. I think he had the lake to himself.

Thanks, nice to read a report.