NRX or Zenith?

Kyle Smith

DBA BozoKlown406
Looking at the 9ft 4wt of both the hardy and loomis.
I can only buy one...
Any suggestions?
Have you tried them out? I'm sure both are nice. I've heard the Zenith is a very smooth medium fast and the NRX is a fast action beast. They are probably different enough that you need more than a forum to decide between the two. There are a lot of expensive rods out there, pick the one you like best.

Kyle Smith

DBA BozoKlown406
I feel like the Loomis is a safer investment being USA vs Korea (Korean rods are great but USA wins). And the ugly blue wraps are pretty awesome if you ask me.


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Are you talking about the NRX LP or the standard?

I was shopping for a rod in that weight range recently and ended up coming home with the NRX because the way it cast for me and I felt it had the backbone to do what I wanted to do (throw bobbers with a light rod).

But a close runner up was the Burkheimer Classic and if you are in the Seattle area you should try one out (PSFCo has one in the shop).

I'm no help on the rods Ryan, but am still curious as hell about that little Euro' kingfisher in your hands -
- must be a story there?
Hi Greg
Its a malachite kingfisher,i live in south africa.
I was tying flies in my cabin and heard a thud at my window,the bird stunned itself.I held it for about 20 min in my hand until it recovered and flew off.
Magnificent bird this!so glad it happened to me.
have you fished either one? I found out I like the 7wt NRX better on the water than in the parking lot when the ONE I had bought broke on z long trip.

Red Arch

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The zenith is a tough rod, just for a baseline hardy tests each rod series in a blank bender. Well the zenith in a 7 wt did not snap after ten runs to 32 newtons of force. Apparently most blanks break at 18 newtons. Btw if you really go into that Korean=poor quality thing, im pulling q Yellowstone anglers line: which brand car do you drive?

However I personally prefer buying North American.


Joe Streamer
A closer comparison would the 4wt Zenith and 4wt Scott Radian. I have the Radian 905 and love it. It replaced a Zenith 905 which was also great, but after trying the Radian, I was sold on its amazing feel and accuracy at all distances. Nothing wrong with the Zenith on either score, but the Radian is just unbelievable (IMO, YMMMV, etc.). Having said that, a Zenith on closeout would be half the price of a Radian. Hard to pass that up.